Friday, July 25, 2014

Tap City 2014: tap as a musical instrument

I recently attended Tap City 2014. Fun! Remember my post on music and tap dance? Well, this festival really encouraged the musicality of tap dance. The festival offered opportunities to study both rhythm tap and Broadway-style tap.

It's great to get yourself in a situation where you can learn about your field in different ways. For example, I don't think the average person thinks of extreme musicality when thinking of tap dance. Yes, maybe the rhythmic aspect is thought of, but what about the different tones the taps make? Did you realize that where you hit the tap can make a different tone? Being attentive to these things in tap will likely help you and/or your student(s) to be more aware of such things when playing other instruments, and going to a festival like this can give you new perspectives and exposure to different teaching styles.
How about improv? Barbara Duffy taught a great workshop on tap improv, which could help with musical improv.
Also, there was quite a bit of scatting going on, especially in Brenda Bufalino's residency.

Have you ever attended a festival or workshop for another field that could be applied to your music teaching?


Friday, July 11, 2014

At the Movies: Vol. 2

I'm pretty excited about this volume of "At the Movies." The following episodes have lots of educational goodness! Who would have thought that students could learn so much about music from Batman?

Batman -- "The Minstrel's Shakedown"
"Music and electronic energy are both transmitted by waves." -Robin
Although this episode doesn't actually have a harp in it, it has references to music and is part 1 of the story that leads to....
Batman -- "Barbecued Batman?"
1 or 2 harps visible
Batman also talks about "sympathetic vibrations."

Some activities you can do with your student:
Bass clef and treble clef
Quarter note (hats) and eighth note (shirts/sweaters)
Identify songs/tunes that the minstrel sings

Also, one of the characters is called "Octavia." Get it? Like octave?

As always, make sure the parent(s) approve(s) of the selection if the student is a child.


Friday, July 4, 2014

Studio Inspo Roundup

Happy Fourth of July!  I have another roundup to share with you this week. Last time was a roundup of Independence Day ideas; today is a roundup of studio inspiration from my "Studio Inspo" board on Pinterest.
  • This way cool desk made from a piano.
  • Another repurposed piano, this time as a bookshelf.
  • This chair! I really like the bass clef on the left arm and the treble clef on the right arm.
Do you have a studio? Do you dream of having a studio?